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ULTA CHAAL is a Trading Strategy maker and Algorithm Automated Software making Organization. It is having intention to let people know about the Automated Trading and its power. With an Error Proof Strategy and having Solid Logic is really possible making Robust & Loss protective Wall through Algo Automated Software. We help People to Trade in MCX (CRUDE only) segment of Commodity Market with the help of our Robust and Highly Popular Fully Automated Algo Trading Software.

Our Trading Strategy is highly accepted all over the world. People are all trading with our Strategy and Software successfully since last 2 . 5 years and they are gaining & growing with a standard profit regular basis. Trade performance of this Software is highly appreciated worldwide because of its Perfect and Accurate trading capability.

UC Provides the following Services, • For Algo Developers : You can use the UC's powerful platform to code trading algorithms in Perl and/or Python. Just follow the coding guidelines to access the UC APIs to get past/live market data, fire trades to your broker and automatically generate analytical reports on algo performance. • For Investors : UC provides an authentic platform for investor to find, interact, evaluate and subscribe to proven trading strategies with full auto-trade capabilities. Adjust your investments, change algo parameters and switch over to manual/auto mode - you are the boss! Share your profits with the algo developers (only if the profit crosses a minimum limit). • For Brokers : Expand your client base by adding your trade API into the UC affiliated platform. Earn profits through brokerage as well as profit sharing. • For Programmers : So you don't know much about trading, but have awesome programming skills? Join our community and earn by coding the strategies needed by other traders. • For Traders : So you have some awesome trading strategy, but don't know how to code it? No worries. UC can help you get it done through talented coders from the UC Community!

We help our clients or any interested people to develop their own Automated software with their own Trading Strategy or they can take our Revolutionary Trading Strategy and create their own customized Automatic Software. We will help you to Design & Develop your own high quality but Low cost Automated Software. We also helps people to find investor if they have a good Trading Strategy.

For Automated Trading, it is not Mandatory to know Computer operation or English Literate. By using Automated Software, you can add one more extra wing in your daily income. Less than 5 minutes in a day is sufficient to engage behind your Auto Trade. In the morning, you need to Login with your User ID and Password in your account....that's all, Close your Computer and do your daily job without any tension. At night or end of market hour check your trading account with Smile. Even if you do not have computer, still you can Login to your Automated Software account by using your Mobile.

Now a days, lot more brokers around the world are offering their traders to use any Customized trading software through their API platform. Therefore traders can use their own software to trade through their Broker's Terminal directly. In India, Zerodha, Samco, Master Trust, Up Stocx, Reliance and many more offering Automated Trading Platform.

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You can develop your Automated Trading Software by using Python, C++, R, Java, PhP etc Tools. You need Quality Historical Data matching with your Script to perform Back-test of your Software to check the accuracy of it before making actual trading on Live market.

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