*19 What is the margin required to use this Software and the Strategy to trade?

We trade only in Commodity segment on MCX Crude Oil. For Trading with Automated Software, at least minimum of Rs. 60000/- (INR) or 900 USD should have in your account for MCX Crude Oil

But we recommend Rs. 167000/- (INR) or 2400 USD for Commodity MCX Crude. You can trade with low fund also with a little risk.

For Manual Trading with our Strategy, you need to have minimum fund of Rs. 50000/- (750 USD) for Commodity in your account.

*20 What are the mode of Payments and their details?


HDFC (Current a/c)


Account No: 50200033127268

IFSC Code: HDFC0000789

MICR Code: 700002350

Branch: FORT (Mumbai - India)

Account Type: Current

Mobile: +91-9323584022

Email: ultachaal@gmail.com


ULTA CHAAL PayUmoney Details:

Merchant Key: w9vyho4a Merchant ID:  5864373 or 5864386 Merchant Salt: Eso6c24F9S

ULTA CHAAL UPI payment Instamojo Details:

UPI payment Instamojo link: https://www.instamojo.com/@ultachaal

*20A What is the best way to make payment to UC?

The best way to make payment to us is direct pay to our bank account through IMPS or RTGS or NEFT. This payment process helps you to avoid from paying extra convenience fee while you are making payment from our website payment gateway. convenience fee of 2% + Rs 3 for each payment is applicable and fixed for any client and all clients while you are making payment to us using UC website payment gateway (UPI payment Instamojo link: https://www.instamojo.com/@ultachaal). You can also deposit cash/cheque to any HDFC bank in the name of "ULTACHAAL" a/c No 50200033127268 

Making payment through PayTM on +91-9323584022 is also very easy.

*21 How many different costs involved if I plan to purchase the Trading Strategy or Automated Software?

One time common and compulsory Activation & Life time Registration fees is Rs.9000/- or 150 USD (non refundable & valid till base fund is doubled). It is one time cost you need to pay the moment you want to join with us and no more additional cost involved in it (applicable and fixed for any client and all clients).

a) Once you are registered with us, For Automated Trading (This option no more available): You have a choice and you may go with fixed RENT for using Software per month is Rs.12500/- or 186 USD (advanced every month). To use Cloud space, you have to pay a fixed Rent of Rs.1000/- or 15 USD per month. You may need to pay an additional rent to use your Broker’s API platform for Automated Trading. Most of the brokers are charging Rs.2000/- or 29 USD per month. In brief for Automated software may cost you Rs.15500/- or 247 USD per month.

b) Once you are registered with us, For Automated Trading (This option is only available): Sharing profit 50:50. That means, the total profit of every week you gain will be divided in two equal parts. 50% for you and 50% for us. In this case, Cloud space fixed Rent of Rs.1000/- or 15 USD per month is our part. But paying subscription for using API platform of your broker is your part. Most brokers are charging Rs.2000/- or 29 USD per month. In brief for Automated software may cost you Rs.2000/- + 50% of Profit per month.

For Semi-Automated (Manual) Trading: The cost of Strategy is Rs.12500/- or 186 USD for manual traders, no other additional cost involved in it and No registration fee required.

To purchase the entire software it will cost you one time Rs.11 Lakhs or 18334 USD with 10 Licenses. A group of 10 people together can purchase this software and they can individually and independently use the software with separate license. They can also offer the software for Rent to others. By purchasing the entire software, the owner also can save monthly Rs.12500/- or 186 USD from paying Rent to us.

*22 Pls tell me clearly, how much amount exactly I need to pay you to start with?

For Auto Trader in RENT: The moment you decide to join with us, you need to pay the one time & Lifetime Membership fees of Rs. 9000/- or 150 USD (non refundable & valid till base fund is doubled). Next payment you need to make when your account is registered with us and activated and ready for live trade. At that time advance monthly RENT Rs.12500/- or 186 USD required to be clear before you start live trade. In short Rs.21500/- or 317 USD you have to pay before starting live trade (in two installments)(Software RENTAL is no more available).

For Auto Trader in 50% profit Sharing: The moment you decide to join with us, you need to pay the one time & Lifetime Membership fees of Rs. 9000/- or 150 USD (non refundable). No more payment required to pay till your account is registered with us and activated and ready for live trade. At that time advance monthly API subscription Rs.2000/- or 28 USD required to be clear before you start live trade. In short Rs.11000/- or 156 USD you have to pay before starting live trade (in two installments).

For Semi-Automated (Manual) Trader: Only Rs.12500/- or 166 USD required to be paid for the strategy and formulated file. It is onetime & Lifetime. No other additional charges are involved.

*23 Is there any particular date of API monthly subscription payment?

Yes......mandatory to pay before 10th of every month, irrespective on which date your account activated and trading started.


Check your account and calculate the profit in the week time (Monday to Friday). Place Pay-out request to your broker on Friday night or Max Saturday morning. If the market remain closed on Friday, place your payout request on Thursday. Share 50% of Current weekly profit with us. Also pls clear if any previous profit sharing or other amount is pending. Your next trading cycle will not be activated until this profit sharing process is completed. We (UC) only can make business and gain profit whenever our client gains profit, therefore no question of making loss. We have already proven worldwide about our profit making consistency and strength of our software/strategy. There are many reasons that one may forced to book profit which all we have already mentioned earlier, but in worst scenario, in case if any loss booked, client has to bear it, we do not share any part of loss.

*25 If you are taking 50% of our profit, you should also share in loss of 50% . Why don’t you take share of loss?

Reasons are as follows;

We allow our clients to use below facilities without any charge (FREE) when it is the matter of 50:50 Profit sharing.

1. We are having a big technical infrastructure with cloud based dedicated servers.

2. We provide our multiple strategies (activated based on market situation) to use.

3. We provide our Algo automated software to trade.

4. We are already keeping a good and reliable reputation worldwide for our consistent performance. UC is one and only "Fully Automated Trading Software" provider in India. We value all our clients hard earned money and always try to keep growing it in a systematic and disciplined way.

5. Many of other recurring costs are also involved in the entire process, like electricity bill, internet bill, computers maintenance, staff payment and many other.

6. Most importantly, we are doing business here. We make money only when clients are gaining profit from their trade. If any of our client making loss, we are loosing money from business. Although our software is loss protected, but there are few situations (described below) where a loss may be required to book. Therefore we do not talk about making loss, we are here to grow your money steadily.......we talk about only profit.

*26 What for registration fee is and why should one pay you?

Whenever you are attaching with any new company and starting using its services and products....you have to be registered with an official way. To register you with our cloud platform.....we need to keep a dedicated space for you to be used by your trading account. We will generate a new license for you and will merge your trading account with our platform. Afterwards we will validate it with activation. Then lot of technical activities involved to test your account and its accuracy. All those involved time and effort. Onetime non refundable registration fees (valid till base fund is doubled) is for those activity only. Registration is required for auto traders only. We do not take any registration fees from the client who is purchasing only strategy for manual trading.

*27 What is my Role in Automated Software?

In case of Automated Trading, Only to Login with your User ID & Password to your account in the morning 30 minutes before market opens, typically by 09:55 am (IST) Monday to Friday. You may not need to login in your account every morning if "Auto Login" is activated from our side. After that you may close your computer and do other job without any tension. Rest Software will handle for you. End of market hours, check your trading account status with smile.

You can login in your Trading account any time (as per your convenience) during the market hours and start your automated trading, but late entry will give you low profit EOD (not recommended). You will get below message after a successful Login.

*28 What is my Role and how to use the Manual Trading Strategy?

In case of Manual Trading, once you take our strategy, we will make you understand your Role, how to use the strategy, how to trade, when not to trade, how much investment required in which segment etc. Apart from associated files, we also provide very close support with the help of Team-Viewer, Ammyy Admin, Phone calls, Email, Whatsaap and recorded video.

*29 Will it really Protect me from making LOSS? Is this 100% LOSS Protected Strategy?

When we are talking about Strategy, Yes it gives almost 100% protection from making any Loss provided if you strictly and blindly follow the strategy. We have many clients worldwide and none of them ever complained that they made a Loss because of a bad strategy.

*30 What if I make Loss even after using your Strategy? Will you Refund my money? What is your refund policy?

It is 100% guaranteed that you never will make any loss if you blindly follow the strategy. This is a NO LOSS trading strategy

First it protects you from making any Loss then it goes for Profit. One can make Loss only when market is tremendously slow and sideways or he is trading with insufficient fund.

We have a strong refund policy and we pay the entire amount back within 30 days from claim date to the Manual traders, where client has executed trades as per our strategy and made loss. There is no fund back policy available for Automated Traders. For claiming fund back, you need to submit your soft-copy statement where you made loss.

*31 What is the Age of this Software?

This Strategy with software has launched on Jan’15 and since then it is highly successful almost everywhere.

32 *What are the situations where one could make loss by using this Software and what is it’s success rate of it?

Due to some exceptional scenario, some clients made little Loss while they were using this software, but that is not the fault of either the Strategy or the software. Loss making possibilities described below;

1) If the traders account having insufficient Fund.

2) The market was tremendously sideways for very long time.

3) Market time is ended when they were still standing on loss position.

4) May had lengthy technical issue.

5) Remote user suddenly logged out .

6) Any issue from Broker/Exchange side can also cause loss to user.

Most importantly, Any sort of Technical issue may come suddenly and you may not have full control on it. In such a situation, you may need to book a loss. Technical faults are always not pre-defined.

Even considering all those negative scenario, the success rate never went below 92%.

*33 Is this Software & Strategy applicable worldwide or in a specific Country?


Its a genetically pure Indian software & Strategy. But this Trading Strategy and its Fully Automated Algo Trading Software is Highly popular and well accepted worldwide specially Germany, Italy, Russia, UAE, UK, US etc. They are all doing quite well with a regular average profit. From Dec’2016 it also has got huge popularity in India, Bangladesh & Pakistan as well. This Strategy and Software is very much applicable to any Exchange of any Country.

*34 In how many language does this Software released?

Only in English Language