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`Frequently Asked Questions For Automated Trading Software

*1 What is ULTA CHAAL and how do they work?

ULTA CHAAL is a Trading Strategy maker and Algorithm Automated Software making Organization. ULTA CHAAL is one and only Genuine fully Automated trading platform in India, where traders have no role at all and every single thing is taken care by UC automated software. It is having intention to let people know about the Automated Trading and its power. With an Error Proof Strategy and having Solid Logic is really possible making Robust & Loss protective Wall through Algo Automated Software. We help People to Trade in Commodity (MCX) Market with the help of our Robust and Highly Popular Fully Automated Trading Software.

Our Trading Strategy is highly accepted all over the world. People are all trading with our Strategy and Software successfully since last 2.5 years and gaining & growing with a standard profit regular basis. Trade performance of this Software is highly appreciated worldwide because of its Perfect and Accurate trading capability.

We help our clients or any interested people to develop their own Automated software with their own Trading Strategy or they can take our Revolutionary Trading Strategy and create their own customized Automatic Software. We will help you to Design & Develop your own high quality but Low cost Automated Software. We also helps people to find investor if they have a good Trading Strategy.

For Automated Trading, it is not mandatory to know Computer operation or to be English Literate. By using Automated Software, you can add one more extra wing in your daily income. Less than 5 minutes in a day is sufficient to engage behind your Auto Trade. In the morning, you need to Login with your User ID and Password in your account (if auto login is not activated)....that's all, Close your Computer and do your job without any tension. At night or end of market hour check your trading account with Smile. Even if you do not have computer, still you can Login to your Automated Software account by using your Mobile.

Now a days lot more brokers around the world are offering their traders to use trader's own Customized trading software through their API platform. Therefore traders can use their own software to trade through their Broker's Terminal directly. In India, Aliceblue, Zerodha, Samco, Master Trust, Up Stox, Reliance and many more offering Automated Trading Platform.

You can develop your Automated Trading Software by using Python, C++, Java, PhP etc Tools. You need Quality Historical Data matching with your Script to perform Back-test of your Software to check the accuracy of it before making actual trading on Live market.

From: UC Provides the following Services, Trade Magic

• For Algo Developers : You can use the UC's powerful platform to code trading algorithms in Perl and/or Python. Just follow the coding guidelines to access the UC APIs to get past/live market data, fire trades to your broker and automatically generate analytical reports on algo performance.

For Investors : UC provides an authentic platform for investor to find, interact, evaluate and subscribe to proven trading strategies with full auto-trade capabilities. Adjust your investments, change algo parameters and switch over to manual/auto mode - you are the boss! Share your profits with the algo developers (only if the profit crosses a minimum limit).

• For Brokers : Expand your client base by adding your trade API into the UC affiliated platform. Earn profits through brokerage as well as profit sharing.

• For Programmers : So you don't know much about trading, but have awesome programming skills? Join our community and earn by coding the strategies needed by other traders.

• For Traders : So you have some awesome trading strategy, but don't know how to code it? No worries. UC can help you get it done through talented coders from the UC Community!

*2 What is the meaning of ULTA CHAAL and why the name is like this?

In Indian language “ULTA CHAAL” meaning is “playing in opposite direction”. That means “The tactics of playing a game in an unusual way”....... Think, Plan & Trade in a different way.

*3 How can I be member and Register myself…….. Pls mention details in Step by Step?

1. Pay the registration & Membership fee Rs.9000/- (valid till base fund is doubled ..... non refundable) from our website payment gateway.

(Activation fees – Rs. 4000/- Registration Fees – Rs. 2500/- Licencing Fees – Rs. 1500/- Account merging & testing Fees – Rs. 1000/-)= TOTAL Rs.9000/-

2. After realizing your payment from our end, we will send you acknowledgement mail with Invoice.

3. By that time, pls E-Mail us your Trading account credentials at with below details 1. Full Name of the Client: 2. Your Location: 3. Mobile No: 4. Broker's Name (must be ALICEBLUE or ZERODHA) If you do not have trading account with Aliceblue or ZERODHA,we will help you to open it in free of cost. 5. Trade Account ID: 6. Trade Account Password: 7. Security Q&A (all): pls make all answers same and that is “a” Small “a”) 8. App Name: (our job) 9. API Key: (our job) 10. API Secret: (our job) 11. API Email ID: 12. API Email Password: 13. QI Login ID: (our job) 14. QI Login Password: (our job) 15. Pls Fund your A/C with sufficient amount (your job)

3A. Joining process with UC with basic info

STEPS to JOIN Us: a) First register yourself from our website payment gateway . Our onetime and Lifetime registration charge is Rs. 9000/- b) After registration, pls whatsapp your transaction reference number on 9323584022 and mail your trading a/c (Zerodha/Aliceblue) credentials to Very importantly, Please make all answers of all security questions same and the answer must be small "a" c) If you do not have Zerodha/Aliceblue Trading a/c, pls forward your documents to d) After receiving your trading account credentials, we will start processing for activation your a/c with out cloud based auto software platform. e) We will intimate you once it is activated and ready to trade. By that time, pls fund your trading a/c. 3. ABOUT UC: a) It is completely Cloud server based centralized self operated automated software. If your a/c is activated with UC, you have no role at all, software will take care about everything. You can watch live trade of your account if you want. b) Minimum recommended amount required in your a/c is Rs. 167000/- (more is always better) c) Registration charge Rs.9000/- (valid till base fund is doubled) d) Minimum daily profit 1% of your capital. Daily profit generation range lies between 1% min to 17% Max of your capital (depends on market situation). e) Weekly basis (Mon - Fri) profit sharing (50:50 if capital is less than 5L), (40:60 if capital is 5L>=<10L) &, (30:70 if capital is more than 10L) f) Monthly API subscription charges Rs.2000/-

4. Rest is our job to activate your account and make you trade.

*4 What is the Name of the Trading Strategy?

The name of trading Strategy is “LOSS REVENGE Strategy” . If one could follow the Strategy strictly (point to point), it is already experienced that you never make any Loss using this strategy. Therefore people says it is a “NO LOSS” . Strategy

*5 Is CRUDE Oil good for your Strategy? Will it work?

  • Crude is the best Script and only single script we work with and which gives you steady profit consistently. Our Trading Strategy supports all segments and instruments available in MCX and Currency but currently we work with only “ CRUDE Oil” .

*6 Your strategy based technical analysis? Is it simple to follow?

LOSS REVENGE strategy made so simple so that a new comer in trade can also understand and follow easily. It is completely Logical and Mathematical......No technical analysis, Historical analysis or market analysis required. Also No Indicator, Chart, Candle Sticks, RSI or SMA-20 are involved in our Trading Strategy. No need to follow them.

    *7 I want to do Algo trade from Zerodha or Aliceblue account with your software or Manual trade with your strategy ...what is the procedure?

    First of all, you have to have an trading account with Aliceblue or ZERODHA, we have almost overcome of software incompatibility issue with Zerodha. In order to become our member, you need to pay the membership charge Rs.9000/- or 150 USD (non refundable & applicable for all) and inform us with payment reference number. Once your payment is realized to us, we will start processing of activating your account. You have to mail your account credentials to us at

    For Auto trade using our software, You have to activate API platform against your account with Aliceblue/Zerodah. You can contact with your respective broker and place your request for API Activation. Generally we do this API activation job for you. There are two ways you can get attached with us;

    1. By RENT: The RENT of our Software is Rs. 12500/- or 196 USD per month (22 Trading days) (No more available from Ganapati Festival 2017)

    2. By Profit Share: You can use this software against 50:50 weekly profit sharing basis (Only available now). We do not share any part of the loss. if ever you face any loss

    Activation & Registration fees of Rs. 9000/- or 150 USD (for any case) valid till base fund is doubled.

    It may need about a week time minimum to activate your Auto trade account and generate licence from our side. Activation time may take longer up to 21 days depends on the number of clients already on the Q. In some cases, activation may completed on the same day if everything is ready.

    For Semi Automated / Manual trade with our strategy: You need to make payment of Rs. 12500/- (Onetime & Lifetime) and get our strategy at your email address. No other cost involved in it.

    *8 What is the price of the Software?

    Software price is Rs. 11 Lakhs (INR) or 18334 USD (one time cost) with 10 licenses. A group of 10 people can together purchase the software with their internal understandings. You can take the software in RENT and it will cost you Rs.12500/- (INR) or 186 USD per month.

    *9 What is the price of the Strategy?

    Onetime & Lifetime cost of the Strategy is Rs. 12500/- (INR) or 186 USD. which includes the complete strategy along with guidelines for manual trading..

    *10 What is the monthly RENT of your Software? (No more available)

    For Automated software RENT Rs.12500/- (INR) or 186 USD per month. One time registration fees of Rs.9000/- (INR) or 150 USD to be paid separately. This facility is no more available.

    *11 What are the Programing languages are used in the Software?

    Programming language will be used as per brokers platform’s requirement. Generally Python, Java, C++ and PhP language tools are been used to develop the software with the help of Algorithm and Amibroker. Which Language will be used where that depends on broker’s API platform.

    *12 What is API Platform and does it to be activated?

    Application Programming Interface (API) platform is a gateway of traders to use Automated customized trading Software through their broker’s Terminal. Those brokers who those are offering API platform to their customers only. Every client associated with Ultachaal or any individual client using this API platform of their related Broker needs to pay monthly subscription. In case of Aliceblue and Zerodha, they charge Rs.2000/- per month. API subscription directly goes to the broker not to UC. Most of the cases UC pays this API charge for its clients and collects back the amount from clients later.

    Process Step by Step, how to Signup with ALICEBLUE / Zerodha API (Kite Connect)

    We work with ALICEBLUE or ZERODHA only. Any of our client do not need to worry about opening trading account with Aliceblue or ZERODHA, ULTACHAAL will take care all with no charge. We will open free account for you. Only you need share few documents;

    Clear scan copy of PAN Card

    Clear scan copy of Aadhar Card as Address proof

    Clear scan copy of Cancelled/Blank Cheque with mentioned your Name on it

    Clear scan copy of Photo

    Client's Email Address

    Client's Mobile No

    Full name of the client

    Name of Client's mother

    last 6 months bank statement

    Clear scan copy of client's signature on a white page.

    *13 Which broker allows traders to use their API platform for Automated Trading?

    In case of our software....ALICEBLUE (Recommended) but Zerodah Kite , Master trust, Samco, Reliance, Upstox, Phillip capital, Composit edge Etc. also supports Algo Auto trade

    *14 Why Aliceblue is better than Zerodha to our Clients?

    Compare to Zerodha

    1. Our software is performing faster in Aliceblue environment, although result comes out pretty similar.

    2. Getting less brokerage (Rs.15/- per executed order) where as Zerodha is charging Rs. 20/-

    3. MCX Intraday position auto square-off timing is 11:15 pm where as Zerodha does at 11:05 pm

    4. getting better leverage / limit as compare to Zerodha

    5. In MCX, Bracket Order (BO) is available here in Aliceblue, missing in Zerodha

    *14A - How can I Open an account with ALICEBLUE or ZERODHA? Will you help us?

    In order to open an Trading account with Aliceblue or Zerodha, there are two options which mentioned below;

    1. You can directly contact to Aliceblue and courier your documents to them on this address. Please do not forget to mention our Franchisee (Sub-broker-ship) Code MM50 for "Ulta Chaal Trade Magic" on your documents.

    ALICEBLUE BROKING FIRM, 513-Avior, Nirmal galaxy, Opp.Johnson & Johnson, L.B.S.MARG, MULUND - WEST, MUMBAI, Maharastra - 400080 OR Zerodha Headquarters #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078 Ph: 080 4040 2020


    Zerodha Headquarters #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078 Ph: 080 4040 2020

    2. UC is sub-broker also, we can help you to open the account for you. If your Aadhar card is registered with your mobile number or with email ID, you can send your documents scan copies with your details to us (through email). One Aadhar verification code will come to your registered mobile/email, which you need to share with us to activate your account digitally. Here no signature required. For list of documents required, pls see Question No - 12

    * If your Strategy is so Correct, perfect and protects you from making any loss, why you are sharing this with all and selling it? You alone could gain all profit and become rich.

    I like this question and would Love to answer you honestly. If you have seen my earlier video, you could understand why I wanted to sell this beautiful & powerful strategy. By that time, I already made a huge amount loss (about Rs. 23 Lakhs (INR) or 33000 USD) in this Share market. How helpless I was that time and how many difficulties I had to face to discover & complete this strategy, I cannot explain. It was a real tough situation when I just completed my Strategy, I was completely bankrupt. Even a Single paisa was not there with me to invest and make manual trade.

    I decided to Sell my strategy and thought to stop selling this after a collection of Rs. 50,000/- or 715 USD. I did not get any Indian customer to sell this product. Foreign customers identified the power of this strategy (from Youtube) and started buying it. They suggested me to make Automated software as well with the same strategy. I convinced and invested again for the software creation. Now the result is in front of you……
    It has become so popular that I do not need to trade. I realized, Selling strategy and renting automated software is a very good business and I am recovering all my LOST amount (about Rs. 23 Lakhs (INR) or 33000 USD) from here.

    *15 How much profit we can gain in a single Trading day? What would be monthly Profit?

    From every cycle you can gain a minimum amount of Rs.53/- or 0.77 USD and a Maximum amount of Rs.1302/- or 19 USD (see the graph below). A manual traders can complete minimum 7 number of cycles and automated software can make min up to 12 cycles every trading day. If the average profit is Rs.300/- or 4.4 USD per cycle, the manual traders can make profit up to 300 * 7 = Rs.2100/- or 30 USD (average) per day and through automated Traders average profit could reach up to 300 * 12 = 3600/- or 60 USD per day. (All profit calculation made inclusive Brokerage and Tax, it’s on pure Net Profit)

    The easy way to calculate of daily profit gaining possibility is minimum 1% profit on your invested fund. The daily profit earning possibilities are laying between 1% (min) to 17% (max) of available fund in your account. For example, if you have Rs. 200000/- in your account, 1% of your fund, that is Rs.2000/- minimum daily profit you can expect and daily profit can reach up to 17% depends on the market situation.

    Monthly average income for Manual Trader 2100 * 20 = Rs.42000/- or 600 USD and for Automated Trader 3600 * 20 = Rs.72000/- or 1100 USD. The average statistics report of this strategy says, irrespective of market condition, a trader can doubled his invested amount within 88 trading days (4 months or 88 trading days) without taking any risk. Only he has to follow the strategy Blindly


    • Check your account and calculate the profit in the week time (Monday to Friday). Place Pay-out request to your broker on Friday night or Max Saturday morning. If the market remain closed on Friday, place your request on Thursday. Share 50% profit with us. Your next trading cycle will not be activated until this profit sharing process is completed. We only make business and gain profit whenever our client gains profit, therefore no question of making loss. We have already proven worldwide about our profit consistency and strength of our software/strategy, but in worst scenario, if any loss booked, client has to bear it, we do not share any part of loss.

      *17 API activation process.....Signup with ALICEBLUE or Zerodha?

      In case of ALICEBLUE, it is completely our headache as we are directly affiliated with Aliceblue, we will do it for you. But for Zerodha, follow below steps

      2. Click on Products
      3. Scroll down -> in Kite connect API -> click Kite connetc
      4. Click on Signup
      5. Put Email, Your name (not user name), put a easy password that you can remember it, phone number, I Agree
      6. Click on Signup

      *18 VERY IMPORTANT.....Main Strategy Diagram