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Product And Partnership

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Algo Auto Software




Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) Crude Oil only

Registration & Membership Rs. 9000/=

Monthly API subscription Rs. 2000/=

Monthly Software RENT only Rs. 12500/=

Monthly Rental + Cloud Subscription Rs. 13500/=

Cloud subscription only Rs. 1000/=

50% Profit share (as per weekly profit)



Trading Strategy Rs. 12500/=


Multi Commodity Exchange(MCX) / Currency(CDS, FOREX) /Equity

Registration & Membership (No charge)




Getting Franchisee or becoming Sub-Broker of Ulta Chaal Trading Platform

ULTA CHAAL provides franchisee or sub-broker-ship to our clients. Below are the conditions (with benefits) to become our partner.

 1. Get One account free from profit sharing

One of your own account will be free from profit sharing. 100% profit of that account will be non-shareable. Fund value must not be more than 5L (but for free account monthly API subscription applicable)

 2. Get 50% profit from each client

You will be eligible to get 50% of UC profit which is generated from each client of your cycle.

 3. Registration mandatory

UC will be charging Rs.5000/- from all of new registration fee from each client of your cycle. Registration process may get delayed due to many other circumstances.

 4. 10 clients with Rs.167000/- capital in each account

Total number of Clients of your cycle never should go below 10, where each client should have minimum fund of Rs. 167000/- to their respective account. (This is just a recommendation.......No Hard & Fast rule here)

 5. Amount not refundable or adjustable

Sub-Brokership Charges is Non-refundable, non-claimable and non transferable in any circumstances. This amount will be used to create your profile, chain and to occupy cloud server space for your circle/team.

 6. Always UC will operate & control auto software

The auto software will be controlled fully by UC only and you will have no access to control it. Although you may have access to watch your team's performance online.

 7. Zebu/Aliceblue/Zerodha account mandatory

All of your team member's trading account should have with ZEBU/Zerodha/Aliceblue (mandatory).

 8. Legal disclaimer

Trading on share/stock market is always risky. UC will not take any responsibilities of any loss occurred in any of your client's account. For more details, pls go through our website "Legal Disclaimer" " and Question No 24/25 at

 9. Franchisee cost Rs. 500000/- (non-refundable)

The cost of this partnership package is Rs.500000/- (under offer Rs.300000/-). As per our previous performance and experience, you may get this amount back from your team's profit within 2 months.

 10. Always white transaction with proper Invoice

We never accept direct cash transaction in any situation, always white transaction. Any transaction with 

ULTA CHAAL must be through valid bank account (Netbanking/Deposit cash to bank/Debit/Credit/UPI/PayTM etc.) Get Invoice with GSTN for every transaction.

 11. You have no role except expanding your team

Radically you will have no such headache to handle it. UC will take care of everything except increasing your client belt.More you add clients in your team, more you get benefits. Please remember one thing, never commit to any of your client about daily profit more than 1% of his capital. Any wrong commitment will not be appreciated from our end. Our team will help you to extend your client belt.